Machinery trade: digitally defined

Buying a used machine few years ago was a complicated and non-transparent procedure: fragmented market, ambiguous price structure and live auctions which used to take plenty of time and money.

Nowadays the digital revolution has changed the machinery marketplace. Many offers are only a mouse click away. Prices and information are known facts. Online auctions became one of the most important sales channels within the sector. Surplex has substantially contributed to this development process and is still promoting it. As one of the first machinery dealers of the market, we have designed a powerful auction platform which is available in 18 languages. With representative offices in 10 European countries, we became the leading online auction house for metal and woodworking machinery.

We are constantly expanding the number of industrial auctions and improving the quality of customer service. Nevertheless, we still represent a classic machine dealer model: we have our own warehouse and we offer particularly valuable machines in direct sales format (private treaty sale).

More machines, better service: advantages for buyers

There are many reasons for extending the machinery or completing the factory equipment: peak order periods, manufacturing restructuring, faster machining time and many more. Our daily changing industrial auction will satisfy all your requests. The surplus assets usually arise from modernizations, restructurings and closures, as well as from insolvencies and bankruptcies. When we put a factory up for auction, hundreds or thousands of items are offered for sale at once, becoming available on short notice and at attractive conditions, quite contrary to the tedious and costly purchase of an equivalent new machine!

Production lines, manufacturing cells, CNC machines, standard machines, power tools, industrial robots, tools, forklifts, storage technology, factory equipment and many other articles are sold at our auctions. The large selection of machines is supplemented with an exhaustive machine documentation. Photos, videos and technical documents are available. It is always possible to arrange a machine inspection. The purchase prices are formed right before your eyes: quickly, transparently and fairly. In most cases the bids represent current market prices, yet there is a chance of getting a bargain in every auction. This is likely to happen especially during post auction sale when some items remain unsold after the auction has been closed.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that you will benefit from our full service. Before, during and after the auction, you will be assisted by our multilingual team in case of any question referring to liquidation, dismantling and customs formalities.

Machinery sales and profitable revenues: advantages for sellers

Live auctions after factory closures have a long tradition, but it is only since we have digitally developed this sales format, that the revenue expectations have been regularly exceeded. Enormous traffic, global visibility, powerful online marketing and full service in almost 25 languages - these are all elements leading to your sales success. Flexible solutions are our specialty. We provide the best customized plan and assist you in your goal, whether it is a direct purchase on fair terms or finding a suitable buyer. Variable sales formats, market-consistent valuations and professional factory closures speak as further plus points for Surplex .

Machine auctions: more value for everybody

Only digital competence wouldn’t be enough if not associated with the classic idea of service. This is why we rely not only on digitization, but also on human factor. Our clients’ needs are our point of reference. We offer you the best possible digital and personal service. Your contact persons are qualified professionals: master carpenters, locksmiths, machine builders and machine dealers. Our people know what they are talking about and more important: they know what you are talking about! Our project managers know every detail of their respective used machinery market sectors.

Our team consists of almost all European nations and offers its services in more than 20 languages. We are contributing to the economic growth of previously disadvantaged regions by selling valuable second-hand machines quickly and fairly all over the world. Thanks to our dynamic auction platform, we create a win-win situation for all market players worldwide. Only the combination of technology and ethics ensures long-term success. Welcome to Surplex, your partner for used machinery!