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  1. What is a deburring machine?
  2. What types of deburring machine are available?
  3. Why is deburring with trimming machines necessary?
  4. Where can you buy a used deburring machine?
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What is a deburring machine?

A deburring machine — sometimes referred to as a trimming machine — is used to remove burrs, which are the small protrusions and unwanted material that are left on a workpiece after processing. Burrs are not always immediately obvious, but they can be removed relatively easy with the right equipment.

Burrs are common on parts cut from sheet metal using lasers and metal stampings — although they can also be found on wooden and plastic workpieces. When either of these processes is carried out in a metalworking production line, the process of deburring with trimming machines eats up a significant amount of time and resources. The latest deburring machines are faster and more efficient than ever, so they help companies to save money. Further savings can be made by purchasing used deburring machines, which have a proven track record of performance.

  • Significant reduction in resources compared to manually removing burrs
  • Stamping or laser cutting sheet metal
  • Perfect finishing and retouching
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What types of deburring machine are available?

There are different ways of deburring metal that require very different types of equipment. Perhaps the most popular method used is mechanical deburring. This process involves grinding the burrs from the workpiece using abrasive belts and brushes to create a smooth surface, free from imperfections. A belt sander is often used as a metal trimming machine, as it is capable of processing metal workpieces quickly.

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Another method of burring in use today involves an electrochemical process. This is a more expensive burring solution, but it delivers an accurate finish and allows for a highly efficient production process. Salt or glycol-based solutions are used with an electrical current to remove burrs efficiently — often within 10 seconds of the process beginning.

Deburring can also be carried out using thermal energy. This process is the fastest and the most efficient of all the options, as it removes all the burrs on a workpiece in a single stage. It involves exposing the metal to a combustible mixture of gasses within a sealed chamber.

A less common method of burr removal, which isn’t used widely in Europe, involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the burrs before they are “blasted” off with pressure. This method is called cryogenic deburring.

Why is deburring with trimming machines necessary?

The surfaces of plastics, metal and wood usually need to be smooth, which makes the use of a trimming machine in the production process essential. This isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, however, it is also a matter of safety. Rough or sharp edges on sheet metal can cause injuries similar to those inflicted by razors. Before a workpiece can be used in another production process or sold to a consumer, it must have its edges trimmed by a trimming machine.

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Deburring is a relatively small part of the sheet metal processing industry, but it is one of the most important. The use of deburring machines ensures a quality final product and the safety of consumers, so these relatively straightforward machines are essential components in most metalworking production lines. While manual deburring is still an option, it adds unnecessary costs and time to the production process, which are not acceptable to any business. A sheet metal deburring machine is therefore one of the most important purchases any metalworking company can make — and buying a used trimming machine often makes financial sense.

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