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CHARMILLES Robofil 290 Wire EDM Machine
20/03/2019 10:44
9  Bids
BROTHER HS-70 A Wire Eroding Machine
17/04/2019 09:39
0  Bids
CHARMILLES ACTSpark SP3 EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine)
28/03/2019 11:05
0  Bids
CHARMILLES ACTSpark SP3 EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine)
28/03/2019 11:04
1  Bid
ONA PRIMA E 250 Wire EDM Machine
Coselli - Guamo
26/03/2019 10:39
0  Bids
CNC PROFI Profi 350 EDM Machine
20/03/2019 10:45
2  Bids
BROTHER HS-3600 Wire Eroding Machine
17/04/2019 09:44
0  Bids
AGIE PLUS 20L EMS 20 Vertical Eroding Machine
Schwäbisch Gmü…
02/04/2019 14:18
1  Bid
AEG Elotherm Vertical Eroding Machine
19/03/2019 09:33
1  Bid
HURCO 425 E Die Sinking EDM Machine
20/03/2019 10:43
0  Bids
CHARMILLES D4 Eroding Machine
Weilheim Teck
10/04/2019 10:45
0  Bids
Region Terni
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Used electrical discharge machines at Surplex


  1. What is spark erosion?
  2. How does an electric discharge machine operate?
  3. Special types of EDM machines and their application
  4. Affordable used EDM machines from well-known manufacturers
Working area of a used EDM machine

What is spark erosion?

Spark erosion, also known as spark machining or electrical discharge machining (EDM), is a manufacturing method during which a preferred shape is achieved through the use of electrical discharges, i.e. sparks. In other words, it is a metalworking process where an electrical discharge is produced between two conductors, while a dielectric fluid is used to insulate the workpiece from the electrode. An electric discharge machine, or a spark erosion machine, is used for the removal of electrically conductive materials on a workpiece through evaporation or chipping. In order to make this possible, EDM machines can only process workpieces that are made out of some very strong electrical conductor, such as tungsten, copper, graphite, etc. and as such can serve as electrodes.

  • Removal of the conductive material of a workpiece
  • Processes include evaporation or chipping
  • Precise contours can be achieved in the shape and dimensions of the workpiece
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How does an electric discharge machine operate?

During the erosion process conducted with an EDM machine, an electrical discharge occurs between the electrode and the workpiece, thus creating sparks that simultaneously fuse and evaporate the workpiece. An electric discharge machine removes the material from the workpiece through a sequence of such fast, repeated current discharges between the two electrodes (the tool-electrode and the workpiece-electrode), which are separated by a dielectric liquid and are subject to an electric voltage. In order for the process to take place, it is essential that the EDM machine tool does not make actual contact with the workpiece; this is achieved through the use of a dielectric fluid, which restricts the electrical field and ensures that the removal of material from the workpiece by a spark erosion machine is done in a controlled way. The dielectric fluid has to be a non-conductive fluid, like oil or deionised water. All metals and metal alloys can be processed using this method, although EDM machines are mostly used with aluminium, brass, copper and steel. The process of spark erosion also works with other conductive materials like graphite and certain ceramic materials.

EDM machine in use

Special types of EDM machines and their application

A special type of EDM machines is a die sinking machine, with which a workpiece is put into a dielectric fluid. Die sinking is a technology used in tool manufacturing for the construction of castings, bending punches, and moulds. Another special application of the EDM machine is in EDM drilling and threading of initial holes. This is used as a process step before wire eroding, another type of spark erosion achieved through the use of an electric discharge machine. Wire eroding acts as a cutting process, during which a wire is fed through the workpiece and then, using an electrical current, the workpiece is brought to a melting point. The dielectric is sprayed onto the workpiece using a hose. The advantage of erosion is that all conductive material of any level of hardness can be processed with an adequate spark erosion machine. The worked contours are of the highest precision in their form and dimensions.

Detail of a used electric discharge machine

Affordable used EDM machines from well-known manufacturers

Some of the well-known EDM machine manufacturers are AGIE CHARMILLES, ONA, AGEMA and OPS INGERSOLL, which also produce fully functional wire erosion machines, die sinking machines and start-hole erosion machines. A conventionally-steered spark erosion machine or a modern CNC EDM machine for sale can often be found in good condition here at Surplex and we also occasionally offer high-quality used EDM machines in our industrial auctions at a competitive price. Due to a continuously changing machine offer we recommend to regularly visit our second-hand EDM machines page in order to find the preferred used EDM machine for your needs, as well as to visit our auction page and other machine pages, and browse through the rest of our offer.