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  1. Effective machines for the textile industry
  2. Areas of application and examples of textile machines
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of machines for the textile industry
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Effective machines for the textile industry

Textile machinery is a sector that is concentrated in highly developed industrial countries. The companies that produce the machines used in the textile industry are mainly found in Germany, Switzerland, North Italy and Japan. In addition to general machine construction, textile machines are somewhat special because the requirements of these machines are very different than those of general machines.
  • Textile machinery concentrated in industrial countries
  • Machines in the textile industry have special requirements
  • High levels of innovation found in the textile industry
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized Textile machines need to be able to quickly undertake very complex processes. These machines are exposed to temperature, chemicals and very high pressure. These machines need to be frequently changed over due to the enormous variety of products in this industry. Highly-intelligent control units are installed for operation, allowing workers with basic training to work with these machines. The automation of these machines is very advanced and comprehensive, like those in the automobile industry. The machines used are based on the production processes for textiles and therefore require specific work steps. Warp knitting machines, weaving machines and knitting machines are implemented for the production of textiles. The fibres and yarn that are used on these machines require carding equipment, winding machines and spinning frames for production. An important area of the textile industry is the use of fibres and fabrics with certain characteristics. This includes impregnating or coating to, for example, make the materials fire proof. Used machinery for the textile industry 02 Further areas of application for these machines include colouring, cleaning and bleaching the textiles. Washing machines and dryers are available both for industry and for private use. For the production of complete clothing pieces, industrial sowing and cutting machines are available. The types of fabrics produced for clothing are different that those used for technical fabrics, which will be further used in industrial settings.

Areas of application and examples of textile machines

Decorative fabrics clearly demonstrate that developments in the textile industry are constantly changing. Scandinavian manufacturers, as well as German and Swiss firms, are market and innovation leaders in terms of new fabrics and weaving processes. This requires a high level of flexibility from the machine producers. The only companies that have grown are those that can take on this challenge and undertake sufficient research in their area. This is how they can keep up with the newest trends or even develop their own trends. Used machinery for the textile industry 03 Fabrics produced are technically complex and require not only special looms but many other components such as those used for shearing protruding fibres. Modern designs flow into the process. This requires flexible operating systems that can be quickly converted.

Brand names and manufacturers of machines for the textile industry

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of machines for the textile industry. Some of the most recommended suppliers include MTS MASCHINENBAU, TRÜTZSCHLER NONWOVENS, MASCHINENBAU LEWE, NEUENHAUSER MASCHINENBAU, JOSEF KRÜCKELS TEXTILMASCHINEN, INTERSPARE, PIXBERG, SCHEVE & CIE, SCHOLZE, STÄUBLI und OSTERWINTER.

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