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Horizontal & table-type boring mills – CNC & conventional

Boring machines are machine tools designed for duty cutting and their technical characteristics, whether spindle diameter, table carrying capacity or work surface are larger-dimensioned than usual. Compared to other heavy machinery, boring machines are more flexible and precise, particularly when it comes to a CNC boring machine with automatic tool changer and a modern controlling system (e.g. HEIDENHAIN). While the horizontal boring mill (movable table) is normally used for machining medium-sized workpieces, the floor type boring mill (traversing column) is designed for big ones. The jig boring machine is, however, characterized by its high level of precision. At Surplex you will find used boring machines from SCHARMANN, UNION, TOS and other leading manufacturers.

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  1. What is a boring machine?
  2. How do boring machines work?
  3. What are main applications for boring machines?
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What is a boring machine?

A boring machine is used to produce accurate and smooth holes in metal workpieces. This is achieved by enlarging existing holes with a range of different bore types, including those made with cemented carbide, steel and diamond. The diameter of the hole created can be changed with small adjustments to the boring head, which is attached to a rotating spindle.

Often referred to as boring mills, boring machines are capable of cutting through incredibly thick workpieces. While the average horizontal boring machine cuts through metal of between one and 10 metres thick, there are some machines that are capable of boring holes of 20 metres or more.

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While large-scale operations use massive CNC boring machines for industrial production, there is a smaller version known as horizontal or table boring machine.

How do boring machines work?

A metal boring machine usually consists of a headstock, which is attached to a fixed or mobile column. The main spindle is connected to propulsion and feed mechanisms which are located in the spindle stock. Depending on the workpiece being processed, a selection of drilling, boring tools and milling tools can be attached to the headstock to create a specific final product.

Boring machine in operation

While the first table-type boring machine was operated manually, the latest CNC boring machine is capable of automating the entire manufacturing process. CNC boring involves a computer program to guide the spindle and feed mechanism. An automatic tool changer and an adjustable clamping table minimise human involvement in the process, and together, they both make a CNC boring machine much more efficient.

What are main applications for boring machines?

A boring machine is used by any manufacturer that needs consistent, precise holes cut into metal. Modern boring machines make component parts for a wide range of applications. Used extensively in the automotive, aeronautical and heating industries, they are usually the preferred option for drilling large rivet holes into particularly thick metal. A boring machine is capable of drilling large rivet holes into cylindrical boiler units. And thanks to computer technology, the latest CNC machines are capable of exceptionally high levels of precision whilst processing large numbers of workpieces every day.

Detail of a used boring machine

Large multinational manufacturers rely on boring machines for plant engineering and the manufacture of cars, industrial vehicles and ships. However, smaller companies within supply chains can utilise these powerful devices by sourcing used boring machines. These machines can be fitted with various tools and automated devices — meaning workpieces don’t have to be carried from one machine to the next during the production process. This is vital for smaller companies that need to keep costs low in order to compete with larger rivals. Used boring mills are often fully reconditioned and serviced, making them every bit as effective and reliable as new models.

Buy a quality used boring machine at a great price

At Surplex, we have been supplying businesses of all sizes with used CNC boring machines for many years. We have developed a reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability during that time — providing our customers with high quality used boring machines. Our customers keep coming back in search of boring mills for sale from some of the most respected manufacturers around, including SCHARMANN, UNION and COLLET & ENGELHARD. If you need a used boring machine, we may have just what you're looking for.