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More and more used woodworking machinery are CNC machines. Thanks to the Computerized Numerical Control, every work step of the machine is introduced as numeric codes, which the computer transforms into control signals. Some advantages of CNC technology are its accuracy, constant production quality and high unit numbers, what also applies to used machines. At Surplex you will find the whole spectrum of used CNC machining centres, edgebanders, saws and many more. Make sure that you get your used CNC machining centre -whether horizontal or vertical- from BIESSE, MORBIDELLI, HOMAG and other leading manufacturers!

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  1. CNC woodworking machinery
  2. History of CNC technology
  3. The use of numerically controlled machinery in manufacturing technology
  4. Buying used CNC machines for wood
  5. An overview of CNC woodworking machinery manufacturers
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CNC woodworking machinery

The area of “CNC woodworking machinery” encompasses all machinery featuring computerised numerical controls (CNC). Due to the extensive range of processing options, they are also called CNC wood processing centres. Since no hard-wired numerical controls have been offered since the beginning of the 1980s, the distinction between NC and CNC technology is only of historical interest and the terms are generally used synonymously.

Woodworking CNC machines are characterised by customisable programming options for movement procedures, which can be repeated and adapted as many times as needed by saving and changing the NC programmes. DIN 66025/ISO 6983 define a cross-system, manufacturer-independent interface for programming, which is supported by every woodworking CNC machine. More complex CNC machines for wood also feature additional or alternative programme interfaces, which make it easy to programme complicated movement processes.

  • Machinery with computerised numerical control
  • All movement procedures can be programmed individually
  • Can be used in all stationary tool machines
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An additional interface automatically translates the programme entered by the operator into DIN code. This alternative interface, however, operates fully independently of this standard. Workpiece programming in a CNC machine for woodworking sets the control information for the production of a workpiece in a fixed form in a data memory device. In offline programming, the programme data is created as part of work preparation and is transferred to the machine via cables or on external data storage devices. In online/workshop programme, the programme is entered directly into the CNC technology. Workpiece programmes can be created using special manufacturing programming languages, such as APT and EXAPT, based on CAD data or construction drawings. Data-exchanging formats such as IGES are available for directly adopting data from CAD systems. The source text of the workpiece programmes is transposed into ‘cutter location data’ via the CLDATA interface, which contain datasets for positioning the workpiece to be used by the NC machine. These data sets can be translated into DIN code or are interpreted by the NC machine in real-time. Graphic environments allow NC programming at a very high abstraction level in workshop programming. It is also possible to directly control NC machines using an external control computer via a DNC interface (direct numerical control).

History of CNC technology

CNC machines are an enhanced version of NC machines. The technology was devised at MIT in the early 1950s for use in production technology. It replaced the cabled, logical links of NC technology with fully customisable computers and pushed the older technology completely out of the market within around five years. While in the case of pure NC technology, the control information was read directly from a perforated strip, CNC technology only uses such external storage media for data transmission or archiving. CNC programmes are loaded onto an internal memory within the machine for execution, or are directly stored there.

Wood CNC machine in operation

The use of numerically controlled machinery in manufacturing technology

What are CNC machines used for? Today, CNC technologies are included in all stationary machine tools and these form the basis of fully-automated production. The field of woodworking has also seen the introduction of CNC machining centres, which can be used to enable efficient mass production.

Buying used CNC machines for wood

Extensive automation has also taken place in the field of woodworking. As a result, a large range of used CNC woodworking machines has become available for processing wood using CNC technologies. The advantages of second-hand CNC machines is that they can often be purchased at far lower price and are immediately available, in contrast to new machinery. The choice to whether to buy second-hand should depend on the intended type of CNC woodworking machine. CNC machines with extensive electronics and numerous moving parts will be more prone to needing repairs or replacements of parts. If the used CNC machine has been properly maintained and wear parts have been frequently replaced, there is no reason to be wary of purchasing second-hand.

Where to buy CNC machines

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At you will regularly find an extensive selection of high-quality used machinery at attractive prices. If you are looking for a CNC woodworking machine, we offer a range of machines, which are mostly in a good or excellent condition. Where possible, they will have undergone a functional test prior to being sold. If the used CNC machines exhibit defects, we will indicate this in the machine description.

An overview of CNC woodworking machinery manufacturers

There is a large range of CNC woodworking machines for sale at Surplex at low prices. We advise focussing on CNC machines made by established manufacturers whose CNC technology is known for quality and reliability even when second-hand. Popular CNC technology brands include BIESSE, CMS, HEIDENHAIN, HOMAG, MORBIDELLI, SINUMERIC and WEEKE.These and other prestigious manufacturers can be frequently found on our portal. If the machine you are looking for is currently unavailable, we advise taking a look another day since our marketplace is expanded nearly every day with new deals.