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A compressor is a mobile or stationary machine that produces compressed air through compression. This kind of stored energy is essential for many industrial companies, for example in cleaning, painting or checking weld seams. Mobile compressors are broadly divided into piston and screw compressors, and can be either oil-lubricated or oil-free. The basic principle always remains the same: intake air is compressed, then it is freed from moisture and finally it is stored in a compressed air tank. You will find second hand compressors from manufacturers such as KAESER, ATLAS COPCO or BOGE at Surplex.

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  1. Explanation of the term "compressor"
  2. Industrial significance of compressors
  3. How compressors work
  4. Pros and cons of compressors
  5. Overview of compressor manufacturers
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Explanation of the term "compressor"

A compressor is a mobile or stationary machine that compresses air. Compressors are an integral part of the processing industry and are therefore found in almost every industrial workshop. While stationary compressors are mainly found in factories, mobile compressors are more versatile and can even be used on construction sites.

Industrial significance of compressors

The main job of an industrial compressor is to compress air. Air compression machines can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The primary purpose of air compressors is to supply pneumatic energy. This energy is used by all pneumatically powered production machines. The compressed air from a compressor can also be used to test the weldseams of aggregates and boilers. In such tests, the compressed air is introduced to the closed system, which is held underwater and checked for air leaks. In paint jobs, compressed air from a compressor is used to evenly spray the paint. Stationary refrigeration units also use compressors. In addition, compressed air is a frequently used way to clean industrial machines and workplaces.

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How compressors work

A compressor consists of an electric motor, a compressor unit, and a tank for compressed air. There are two types of compressor units: piston compressors and screw compressors. Piston compressors suck air into a cylinder and compress it in a tank. In screw compressors, two opposing screws compress the air and save it in a tank. Piston compressors are the most common type worldwide. However, they are increasingly being replaced by screw compressors. Screw compressors are quieter and significantly more robust because they have fewer moving parts.

Used compressor in a workshop

Pros and cons of compressors

Compressors supply a relatively safe form of energy. Compressed air is not dangerous unless applied to bodily orifices. However, all new employees should be informed of this. Compressed air machines have a wide range of uses. Cleaning with compressed air is particularly efficient because the swirling air can reach even the inaccessible crevices of a machine. When cleaning high-purity environments, pure and filtered compressed air is the only alternative.

A disadvantage of compressors is that the energy created is the most expensive form of energy in industrial use. When you take a closer look at the air compression process, the reason for this is clear: electrical energy is first turned into mechanical energy, and then compressed air. Because air is a compressible gas, only a fraction of the compressed air is used for the purpose intended, particularly when it has to be redirected over a long distance. The use of compressed air is necessary in modern industrial production, but the costs can be reduced drastically with intelligent management. Often it pays to use more than one compressor, if this means avoiding long pneumatic lines and hoses.

Overview of compressor manufacturers

There are as many compressor manufacturers on the market as there are compressors themselves. Some noteworthy manufacturers of compressors are ALUP, BLITZ, BOGE, MAHLE, KAESER, ELEKTRA BECKUM, and ATLAS COPCO. We generally recommend new or used compressors from these manufacturers without hesitation. On Surplex, you can regularly find high-quality second hand compressors from these manufacturers and more at competitive prices.

Buy a used compressors

Surplex is the right place to look for a used compressor. In our regular industrial auctions, you'll find a large selection of used compressors & suitable compressor accessories. A used high-quality compressor is generally just as powerful as a new machine. That's why it's often more economical to buy a compressor used, rather than paying more for a new one.

The small number of moving parts means less wear and tear, so it's generally not a problem to buy used air compressors. Due to their application in all areas of industry, second hand compressors often look very banged up from the outside. However, this often says little about their functional capability. In such cases, a thorough evaluation is essential. If you have any specific questions before buying a used air compressor, don't hesitate to contact Surplex Customer Care. Our employees are always eager to help and offer advice.