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  1. Industrial Crane - A must in every industrial area
  2. Two categories of cranes for industrial areas
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Industrial Crane - A must in every industrial area

For the manufacturing of every product, there is a choice of suitable cranes. Those crane machines are needed in order to be able to transport raw materials to the area where they will be processed. Warehouses containing bulky goods should not be managed without an industrial crane. The switching of work tools and machines is, in many cases, only possible with them. The crane is the most important tool for transporting heavy, bulky and overall dangerous loads within a hall.

  • There is a choice of suitable cranes
  • Based on the simple rope and pulley system
  • It is the most important tool for transporting heavy, bulky and overall dangerous loads
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The principle construction of a crane is based on the simple rope and pulley system. The first machines of this style were used to build the pyramids. Greeks and Romans used cranes (operated by a rotor disc) that were perfected to such an extent, that they were able to achieve technological breakthroughs in the fields of architecture, infrastructure and the building of ships. The construction of aqueducts, multi-story buildings, domed structures or big war and cargo ships, would have been impossible without the continuous development of cranes.

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Two categories of cranes for industrial areas

Within industrial areas, one can differentiate between two categories for the classification of cranes. The first category is overhead cranes. These are cranes that move along the hall ceiling, on a runway, and with a trolley can reach all points within a hall. They are used, to be able to transport heavy loads across an industrial hall or warehouse. Sometimes two, or even three, cranes are installed to run parallel to each other. However, this solution is usually dangerous and poses great difficulties. Within the scope of their work, the cranes can very easily block each other. To avoid this, all the other cranes must be moved out of the way, before using one of the cranes to move a load from one side of the hall to the other. A collision of two cranes can lead to damages or with one of the cranes toppling over.

The second category is the jib crane. Here the lifting unit is attached to an arm that can move within a certain radius. The working area of jib cranes is significantly more restricted than that of overhead cranes. Therefore they are more exclusive, which means that they can be reserved for use in one particular working area. Often times they are also weaker, which needs to be taken into consideration.

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Overhead cranes are steered using a cockpit, to which the crane's trolley is attached, or they can be radio-controlled. Modern cranes generally allow for both steering options. Jib cranes are usually operated through a permanently installed control unit. Basic instruction from a certified safety officer is necessary before operating a jib crane. For the operation of an overhead crane, it is necessary to have a crane-operating license, which requires a multi-day, theoretical and practical, training programs.

Cranes nowadays are used for the most different tasks. Therefore regularly additional crane accessories are needed. Most manufacturers of industrial cranes also offer a wide range of such equipment.

Industrial Crane Manufacturers

The most well known manufacturer of industrial cranes is DEMAG. Other manufacturers are ABUS, BAVARIALIFT, ALLEWELD, ATLAS and BIEDENBACH.

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