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Machines are usually used in determined sectors, whereas the cross-sector equipment is interesting for every branch of industry. Every office needs furniture, just like every warehouse must have shelves and in the same way as every workshop needs a workbench. On the other hand high prices are absolutely not needed. The variety of the industry cross-sector equipment appears to be indeterminable: forklifts, power tools, storage technology, cranes - the list goes on. However, Surplex provides all available cross-sector equipment on its platform in an extensive and clearly arranged way. Used but from leading manufacturers and at fair prices!


  1. Cross-sector machines and equipment in industry
  2. Areas of application for cross-sector equipment
  3. Cross-sector brand names and manufacturers
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Cross-sector machines and equipment in industry

In addition to machine tools, there is a variety of different things required in industrial settings in order to ensure continual production. This includes items that can be found in all types of workspaces, including woodworking or metalworking companies. Workshop equipment such as work benches, workshop cupboards, hand-held machines, measuring equipment, hand tools, machine tools and handling equipment also play an important roll. Some of the subcategories include vehicles, office equipment, robot technology, fork lifts, storage technology, cranes, compressors, laboratory equipment, packaging machines and further equipment.
  • Machines and accessories for the implementation in many sectors
  • Direct or indirect support for the production process
  • Support before, during and after the production process
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This sector is made out of numerous essential devices required for operation of a business. In the field of storage technology, compartments, heavy-duty storage units or pallet shelves are important features of a plant’s operation. Forklifts, which are available in a variety of operational forms, are able to move goods around the warehouse without problems. Different types of compressors complete the production process. They are mainly useful in the production and preparation of compressed air for industrial settings. Mobile compressors are mainly electronically operated, or with combustion engine driven piston compressors. Even screw compressors, which had troubles with this system at the beginning, now secure half of the market and are a highly demanded alternative.

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Fully sufficient office equipment is also essential for a functioning company. This is essential for the foreman’s office, not only during preparation for work, but also in the intermediary stages and for final control. Desk, desk chairs and cupboards are available on the market in a large variety of forms. Even an office space can contain special machine tools like a wire EDM machine, because the long workpiece processing times create space for other activities such as programming the machine.

Areas of application for cross-sector equipment

Numerous machines and devices, as well as corresponding accessories, are summarised by the term “cross-sector technology”. There is no concrete area of application because these machines can be used in the production process of diverse sectors. However, they are implemented in some important areas. The subcategory of cranes provides everything required for the movement of goods and products in the work hall or outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether a goliath crane, portal crane or bracket crane is needed; they are widely available on the market in various sizes and carrying capacities. This makes it possible to buy the exact right model required for the processing operations. This saves time in the work process and reduces the manufacturing time. The portal crane and bracket cranes are particularly good supports for machine tools, so that one does not have to rely on an overhead crane. Fitting transport equipment (e.g. forklifts) is optimal for transporting goods around small indoor workspaces.

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Robot technology is becoming every more important. This technology makes it possible to effectively undertake work that would otherwise be dangerous or physically demanding. Assembly lines are commonly equipped with robot technology. Finally, packaging machines also fall into the pool of cross-sector technology They are used to package finished products, preparing them for delivery or sale.

Cross-sector brand names and manufacturers

There is a huge range of manufacturers of cross-sector equipment available on the market. Renowned brands include FANUC, AUMUND, LINDE, KUKA, IGM, DEMAG, ORTECH, STÄUBLI, KAESER, PACKTECH, ABUS, VETTER, HYSTER, TOYOTA, PFEIFER, LISTA, BITO, SILVERSTONE, FETRA und BOGE.

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