Extraction & Comminution

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Used machines for dust extraction & wood comminuting


  1. Extraction: Health and Safety
  2. Components of an extraction unit
  3. Comminution: Prepare and Recycle
  4. Small and large shredders
  5. Suppliers of shredders

Extraction: Health and Safety

The extraction of dust, aerosols and gas is one of the most important components in the health and safety sector. The hazards posed by grinding dust, welding fumes or solvents are not yet fully researched. A company can display its sense of responsibility for its workers through extensively extracting all potentially hazardous particle matter.
  • Extraction to get rid of hazardous particle matter
  • Comminution for the efficient disposal or recycling of waste
  • Prevents the premature degradation of mechanical components
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In the field of woodworking, a powerful extraction unit is completely necessary for economic reasons. The dust from chipboards contains both wood and binding agents. Without an extraction unit these chippings will stay stuck to the machine. This will result in the mechanical components becoming more difficult to operate, and the sensor and bearings to wear out prematurely. The quality of the product will suffer and the machine will have to be renovated or thrown away.

Used machinery for the extraction and comminution

Components of an extraction unit

An extraction unit is made up of three components. A powerful exhaust fan provides the necessary vacuum required. This is usually operated by an electrically powered ventilator. The vacuum is then led through a pipe to the area where the particle matter is being emitted. The longer the exhaust pipe is, the less efficient the extraction system will be. This is due to the compression of gas and air. Contrary to liquids, gasses can be compressed or decrease in density.
Used machinery for the extraction and comminution workspace

Comminution: Prepare and Recycle

In order to recycle raw materials, they need to be reduced in size. Materials can then be placed back into their components through shredding and can thereby be applied to the raw material cycle. There are many principles for the comminution of raw and other materials. The industry for shredders has been increasing since recycling has become more important. Shredders are available in all sizes.

Comminution: Small and large shredders

In industrial production, shredders are used for the recycling of raw material. They transform solid material or unsorted delivery quantities in a uniform mass from output products. With several connected shredders, even smaller grain sizes can be achieved. This makes it easier for machines to process these products afterwards. These shredders are commonly used in the food industry. In contrast, powerful machines are used for recycling. These contain at least two counter-rotating rollers, upon which teeth are welded.

Comminution: Suppliers of shredders

Recommended suppliers of machines for extraction and comminution are HAAS, AMB, ZENO und VECOPLAN.