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First-class edgebanding machines for panel processing

CNC machines for formatting & edge banding have drastically decreased the production costs in the furniture industry field: cutting edges can be glued and retouched in only one operation. This is why edgebanders are part of the most important woodworking machinery. The market offers a broad range of machine types: single and double-sided edge banding machines, double end tenoners, softforming and postforming machines, some additional aggregates such as recovery systems and much more. Surplex makes edge banding affordable: buy now well-kept used machines with variable edge strength and charging speed from leading manufacturers, such as HOMAG, BRANDT, SCM and others - at fair price!


  1. Formatting and edge banding in woodworking
  2. Areas of application for formatting and edge processing
  3. Manufactures of formatting and edge banding machines
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Formatting and edge banding in woodworking

Formatting and edge banding machines are indispensable in the modern production of panel furniture. These machines are used to form edges and process the panels. Furniture panels, doors, wall panels and ceiling panels can be produced with these woodworking machines in a variety of specific ways. These machines are very economic, no matter what the batch size.

  • Used in panel furniture production
  • Forming, edging and processing of panels
  • Gluing together of various edge material and subsequent processing
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Highly accurate workpiece guides guarantee a consistent optimal quality. Transfer and link-up equipment, which is required for individual machines, are not available with these combined machines. This saves both space and time. The top of the range of these machines are equipped with SPS and high quality motion control units. Machine beds with rollers and maintenance-free flat guideways are a given. The width can be adjusted quickly and smoothly. Linear guides and ball screws are used and they enable the width to be adjusted directly. The necessary top pressure is implemented through an electrically operated drive shaft.

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Mobile device carriers with integrated digital counters are guided in a linear direction and allow for easy and light lateral adjustment. A low-backlash adjusting mechanism is commonly used. These ensure an excellent level of accuracy and repeatability of machining operations. A device carrier that is open in a downward direction guarantees an excellent level of chippings extraction. Standard automatic milling devices can be moved horizontally and vertically using servo axes. A multiple-edge magazine is nowadays unavoidable and they enable easy production of various types of edges. An integrated gluing piece can fix plastic, veneer or solid wood slats onto the panel material. Trimming units are used for chamfering and cutting the ends of the edges into a straight line. High end formatting and edge banding machines usually contain noise protection. A central extraction unit is also commonly integrated. Many of these machines contain a chipping run along the bottom band, which transports the chippings from the machines into appropriate containers. Complete manufacturing centres work optimally and very economically. These are designed for high-output industrial processing.

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Areas of application for formatting and edge processing

In 1962, the first edge banding machines came onto the market in Germany. With the introduction of chipboard in industrial furniture manufacturing, these highly effective machines became indispensable in the woodworking industry. Gluing edges, as well as post-processing, can be undertaken on these machines. The wood machining centres of furniture chipboard are currently being reduced. The main application of these machine tools in woodworking is the gluing of various edge materials and subsequent processing. Furniture chipboard, carpenter panels, doors and panelling can be closed both longitudinally and on the face side. This prevents the penetration of moisture onto the panels and also acts as mechanical protection.

Manufactures of formatting and edge banding machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of formatting and edge banding machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include:

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