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  1. Office equipment for industrial establishments
  2. Areas of application and examples of office equipment
  3. Brand names and manufacturers of office equipment
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Office equipment for industrial establishments

In every industrial establishment, office spaces with corresponding office equipment are required. These are usually found in attached rooms or in separate office buildings. The foreman's office should be close to the production area. A special case is a construction site, were a transportable office container with integrated office equipment is installed on site. Office equipment includes all furniture and technology that could be used in an office.
  • Requirement in all industrial establishments
  • Includes all types of furniture and technology
  • Can undertake all types of office tasks without any problems
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Office equipment for different sectors is available. The executive office usually contains exclusive designer furniture, solid wood furniture or veneered furniture. The chairs in the executive office are like rest of the furniture: representative and elegant. Real leather is often used for the seating. Conference and meeting areas, and the reception area, are usually also elegantly furnished. These areas, as well as the rooms for customer and delivery meetings are designed to fit the company image. High-end reception desks provide place and storage space to undertake all organisational tasks. In establishments that work 24 hours, it is necessary to install high-end seating furniture, which can stand continuous use. This furniture should be ergonomically produced and provide a healthy, relaxing and fatigue-free seating.
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This is also the case for the stools used at production workstations. These should be designed to fit special requirements and must be able to endure continuous movement and potential chemical stresses. Office tables most commonly contain countertops made out of melamine resin coated chipboard or laminate. The model and design are based on how they will be applied. In production, office spaces are most commonly installed with sheet metal furniture. Manufacturers generally provide various types of office series that differ in design and price. Office equipment for authorities is stable, simple and functional. Variations are created through powder coating of racks and various countertops. The cupboards are usually available in the same type of decor. Combined cupboard systems are stable and durable. Steel bases are optimal and are also designed to be adjustable.

Areas of application and examples of office equipment

Office equipment is installed everywhere, where office work is undertaken. It ensures documents can be archived and worked on. The foreman's office in an industrial setting generally contains a desk with a rolling file cabinet or pedestal drawer, flat sliding door cabinets and various cupboards. Cupboards and shelves can be combined and installed in a variety of heights.
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There is usually also a copying cabinet and a clothes cabinet. If required, there can also be a meeting place with chairs, so that small meetings can take place within the office.

Brand names and manufacturers of office equipment

Several companies have specialised in manufacturing of office equipment. Some of the most recommended suppliers include C + P MÖBELSYSTEME, ASSMANN, REISS, BISLEY, DAUPHIN, FEBRÜ, GERAMÖBEL, VARIO, DORMA HÜPPE, FORMAT TRESORBAU, KUSCH+CO, VITRA, VIASIT, WINI, ZIEGLER, WILHELM RENZ and ARTS AND OBJECTS

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