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  1. Packaging machines for industry and commerce
  2. History of packaging machines in industry
  3. Areas of application and examples of packaging machines
  4. Well-known manufacturers of packing machines
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Packaging machines for industry and commerce

The manufacturing of products for the private and public sector bring up the question of packaging. It should be affordable enough and undertake the required task. In order to achieve this within mass production, it is important to use efficient packaging machines. These machines follow certain principles.
  • Mass production of packaging
  • Special types of construction, depending on the sector
  • Used in storage and delivery departments
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Produced packaging material is sometimes directly laid into machines or put through their corresponding devices. Other machines, like those on bottle filling lines for PET-bottles, receives the granulate and the machine itself creates the desired bottles. Every type of packaging machine is constructed for a special task. Basically, there are two types of packaging. Cardboard packaging is produced using punching machines. This task is usually taken up by the packaging machine, if it pulls the cardboard from the roller. The second variation is plastic packaging. This is made using injection moulding or thermoforming processes. The packaging machine, therefore, is equipped with the relevant technical equipment. Packaging machines advance the packaging industry and the relevant quality department.
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They also reduce the costs through the automation of the production process. A packaging machine contains a stable machine body, within which all the components are fixed. This includes loading devices, piling and lifting equipment, conveyor belts and corresponding control units.

History of packaging machines in industry

Packaging has become important due to commerce. What used to be done by hand is currently undertaken by packaging, specially designed for specific uses. This is why this sector became so important. Innovative packaging technologies protect the products during transportation and storage. Additionally, the packaging should act as a type of advertisement for the product and help increase sales. The first packaging machine was used more than 150 years ago in south Germany. However, packaging technology is much older. Every producing industrial company contains a warehouse with a delivery and packaging department. The packaging machines help these departments to be more efficient.

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Areas of application and examples of packaging machines

Packaging processes are available in a large number of forms and are used for most manufactured products. For example, complete packaging machines used for the packing of pallets with stretch film. Other areas of application include the manufacturing and packaging using blister packs, which can be effectively undertaken with machines. In the food industry, the manufacturing of sausages requires a bagging machine with fumigation, in order to ensure that the sausages can be kept for longer. Another important area of application is the packaging of pastes and liquid food products in an antiseptic germ-free environment.

Well-known manufacturers of packing machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of packaging machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include BOSCH PACKAKING TECHNOLOGIE, PFM VERPACKUNGSMASCHINEN, ROWA VERPACKUNGSMASCHINEN, LACHENMEIER, BARGSTEDT, and BLIPACK

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