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Printing lives!

Despite all the possibilities for electronic information, the printed piece of paper is still important today. There are various advantages of paper in contrast to electronic visual media: viewable without technical support; good for the eyes; foldable; transportable; and very cheap. The paper and print industry is full of history and it is complex and very innovative.

  • A complex and innovative field
  • Three processes of industrial paper production available
  • Extensive use of machines in paper processing for sawing, cutting, printing, etc.
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Paper: manufacturing and processing

Paper is one of the oldest artistic production materials in human history and one of the first industrial products. The raw material used in paper is cellulose, which is made out of wood. The production of paper is very complex can only be undertaken by special factories around the world. Raw paper is delivered in large and heavy rolls. The roll of the paper industry is to further process this product using reels, guides and scissors. There are also folding and gluing stations, when the raw paper can be transformed into covers, folders or brochures. Then the paper is printed upon, which requires many machines, processes and special solutions.

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Paper printing: a colourful world

There are three processes used for industrial printing: offset printing, laser printing and screen printing. The offset printing process uses exposed and etched plates in large printing machines. It is used for very large print runs including daily newspapers, catalogues and brochures. The screen printing process is mainly used for printing on other products and materials. Laser printing is used for small print runs.

Machines in the paper and printing industry

Machines used for paper processing are used to undertake sawing, cutting, rolling, printing, coating, embossing, folding, gluing and laminating. All processes require a variety of individual and detailed solutions such as mass production and standard machines. Second-hand machines are widely available. This is mainly because the high level of innovation in the paper industry.

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Suppliers of machines for the paper and printing industry

Cutting machines for paper are available from WEY, JAGENBERG, SCHNEDER SENATOR, LAMB and CONRAD & STORK. Rolling and folding machines are on offer from ERDMANN, PVM and CMC. Printing machines are manufactured by HEIDELBERGER DRUCKMASCHINEN, MÜLLER-MARTINI and ROLAND.

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