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Hacksaws, circular saws & bandsaws for aluminium, iron & steel

In the metalworking machinery sector saws are widely used for bar and profile cutting. Metal saw blades, like the ones in hacksaws, band saws or circular saws, have more teeth than those in woodworking saws. Saw blades as such are made of a resistant material and some of them even have a diamond coating. Beside the small metal saws, used in almost every workshop, large saws and sawing machines are commonly used in the industrial sector. At Surplex you will find used saws of any size: whether innumerable many band saws or circular saws, from leading manufacturers, such as KASTO - used but in high quality!

Metalworking saw machines

Table of contents

  1. Sawing as a production process"
  2. Types of metal saw
    1. Hacksaws
    2. Bandsaws
    3. Circular saws
    4. Double mitre saws
    5. Separating machines
  3. What do I need to be aware of when buying metal saws?

Sawing as a production process

Metal sawing machines

  • Cutting rod material to length
  • Categorised according to design/tool used
  • Various saws required for different materials

The saw is a well-known tool used in cutting processes and can feature a variety of tools to make different geometrical cuts. Tools for separating metal are sometimes grouped with metal saws due to the similarities in application and way in which they function, but they do not create geometrically-defined cuts.

The cutting movement deployed by metal saws is generally intermittent, but can be continuous in some cases. Metal saws are often used for cutting workpieces down to length, but some are also suitable for creating separate contours on the outside of a workpiece, as well as within its geometry through an opening.

Types of metal saw

In industrial production processes, rod material is cut to length and machined into various designs by a range of industrial saws and other sawing machines. The different types of saw machines are categorised according to design and the tool used.


Hacksaws for metalworking

The hacksaw, is a traditional mainstay and is available in a variety of sizes. This is a classic type of sawing tool and its blade is clamped into two openings on the opposite ends of a C-shaped structure. Its cut is intermittent and it features a working and idle stroke. As the blade returns, it lifts slightly to stop the cutting process.

Popular manufacturers of hacksaws include BEHRINGER, KASTO and KLAEGER.


Bandsaws are highly efficient industrial saws. In addition to a low volume of waste, the processing speed possible on one of these automated saws is also a decisive factor in their popularity. There are various models available in the conventional style, as well as a selection of NC and CNC sawing machines.

Bandsaws feature a continuous cutting movement thanks to their O-shaped saw belt that glides between two wheels. However, this blade type means that the working area is restricted at one side. Bandsaws are available for industrial applications as vertical bandsaws and horizontal bandsaws.

Manufacturers of high-quality bandsaws include BAILEIGH, BEHRINGER, JAESPA and MEBA.

Circular saws

The circular saw is another saw that features a continuous cutting motion but it uses a circular shaped cutting disc with teeth along its circumference. Circular saws can therefore only perform straight cuts, but their cutting performance more than compensates.

Well-known manufacturers of circular saws include BEHRINGER, EPPLE, FORTE, KALTENBACH and OPTIMUM.

Double mitre saws

Mitre cuts are mostly required in duplicate, which is why this machine was developed. Double mitre saws belong to the circular- and cross-cut saw family. Using their two saw heads, they can create both mitre cuts in parallel on one workpiece.

Producers of high-quality double mitre saws include EISELE, ELU, RAPID and WEGOMA.

Separating machines


Although by definition not saws, separating machines can be used in the metalworking field as a type of saw thanks to their wide range of applications and the way they function.

Separating machines are available in a variety of designs for industrial use, however, they are primarily used to cut large numbers of metal profiles down to the same size. Dimensional accuracy, durability and speed are the key requirements of a metal separating machine. The machines basically consist of a rotating separating disc powered by a high-performance motor.

What do I need to be aware of when buying metal saws?

All metal cutting saws for sale will feature an effective cooling unit to enable excellent cutting performance and prevent excess heat building up in the saw blade and workpiece. This increases tool service life considerably. Nevertheless, a saw for metal will experience very intense strain and should be thoroughly inspected prior to purchase.

If this takes place, buying a second-hand saw for sale should be a worry-free transaction. Another aspect to consider is wear and tear on saw blades, which need frequent replacement to guarantee sawing precision.

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