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  1. Vehicles used in many settings
  2. Areas of application for the use of vehicles
  3. Overview of the manufacturers of vehicles
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Vehicles used in many settings

A lot of different types of vehicles are used in industry for internal and external transportation. These are available as standard forms and as special vehicles. Standard vehicles such as cars, lorries and vans are mainly used for external transportation and are built to be able to drive long distances. Most of these vehicles are either operated using petrol or diesel. Special vehicles are implemented for internal transportation, depending on the desired function. In addition to diesel operated vehicles, these are often electrically operated. They are powered by a special type of battery, and a charging station is available within the plant.

  • Various types of vehicles are used
  • Standard cars and lorries are mainly used for external transportation
  • Special vehicles are used for internal transportation and specific tasks
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The large advantage of electrically operated vehicles is that they are emission-free. This allows for unrestricted use around workstations and in warehouses. For external loading, heavy-duty forklifts and transport vehicles are used. Trailers are also available in a variety of forms. These allow for transportation tasks to be undertaken more flexibly. Heavy-duty trailers are most commonly used within industrial establishments. In the field of commercial vehicles, there is a large choice of vehicles with tipping troughs, loading cranes, hydraulic accessories and other special features. A truck-mounted crane is an ideal vehicle for moving and mounting heavy loads on construction sites. It is easily installed and makes many assembly processes much easier.

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Areas of application for the use of vehicles

The main type of vehicle used for internal transportation is the electric vehicle with a corresponding pallet trailer. These vehicles allow for quick and flexible internal transportation of goods. When there is a pause in production, these are placed at special charging stations so that they are fully re-charged for the next work day. Transport vehicles with heavy-duty trailers are required for steel and chemical machines. A truck-mounted crane is most commonly used on construction sites. This mobile crane is available in a variety of sizes and carrying capacities. Therefore, it is not a problem to mount a complete industrial hall with a truck-mounted crane. Some models also allow for the crane to be remote-controlled, which results in more precise work because the machine operators can be directly at the application site.

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Vans are commonly used for external transportation and usually used to deliver products within the region. They are fast and economical.

Overview of the manufacturers of vehicles

In the field of vehicles, several companies have focused on manufacturing. The most well-known manufacturers include JCB, CATERPILLAR, WIRTGEN, ASTRA VEICOLI, FIAT, FORD, KAMINSKI, KAMPA, LIEBHERR, MERCEDES-BENZ, TETRA PAK, TMG, MAFI, VW, RENAULT, MAN and VOLVO.

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