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  1. What is Window Production?
  2. Different types of Window Production Techniques
  3. Window Production Activities
  4. Using Robotics During the Manufacturing Process

What is Window Production?

Window production and machinery play an important role towards the design and functionality of buildings. The planning of new buildings must be expertly designed in order to accommodate the installation process of windows, and often have a huge influence on the aesthetic success of construction projects. The process requires technical and aesthetic precision with regards to the choice of materials, measurements, dimensions and finishing. Producing the perfect window not only complements the style and character of a building, it can also facilitate certain requirements needed for specific types of rooms.

  • A wide range of short activities are required during window production
  • Many materials are used
  • Most processes can be computerized to increase efficiency
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Different types of Window Production Techniques

Both traditional and modern techniques are widely used during the production of windows, with the most popular option being a single or double layer of glass. Factors such as durability, heat resistance and light transmission must all be taken into account. One of the major benefits of modern production is the ability to create windows which avoid the loss of heat through various treatments including glass filling gases such as krypton and argon or the use of expansion. Furthermore, the production process requires various coatings of heat prevention products to be applied to the materials.

Window Production Activities

Depending on the materials being used, the structure, and the design of the window, the production process may be completed in various different ways, but can also can be easily divided into several basic stages. Firstly, the final frame for the window must be prepared. Various different components will require a wide range of different treatments, depending on the materials and functionality, which includes milling, gluing, assembling, cutting, trimming and welding. These individual processes are normally carried out in automated production plants. Often the materials involved range from pvc wood, reinforced steel, and composite materials. Once the frame is complete, the glass is used to fill the frame, and must be precisely fitted so that it can be correctly sealed.

Using Robotics During the Manufacturing Process

Window production largely takes place using computerized and automated machinery which minimizes the otherwise repetitive and time consuming process and allows manufacturer to optimize production. Industrial robots are used and help to significantly reduce the need for expert engineers leading to lower production costs, while certain processes such as material treatment doesn’t require highly skilled operators.