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Workshop equipment for professional workshop management

Workshop equipment includes all of the accessories required to start up and maintain the tools used in a functioning workshop. The primary focus here is on the safe and secure storage of tools, materials, and supplies. The traditional workshop set-up consists of workshop furniture, particularly worktables and workbenches, as well as workshop cabinets and workshop wagons.

The specific details of the set-up depend on the purpose, size, and structure of the workshop. For example, a carpentry workshop always includes a joiner's bench and wood workshop tools. On the other hand, automotive workshops require workshop wagons and furniture to carry and hold the workshop accessories and tools.

  • Tool storage and organization
  • Special equipment for specific fields
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Workshop tables and benches

The central piece of workshop equipment is the workshop table or bench, specifically a joiner's bench in carpentry workshops. A workshop table generally consists of a working surface, sometimes with an adjustable height, and often includes cabinets and/or drawers underneath. One common trait is a solid working surface, which is often made from beechwood and in many cases has a scratch-resistant powder coating. Massive metal constructions are also common, as well as plastic-coated variants. Another mainstay of professional workshop equipment are workshop benches, which also include fixtures for clamping workpieces and storage capacity for materials. Workshop benches often have an open or closed underbody. Closed underbodies can usually be locked, and they have drawers which open one at a time and have guide rollers.

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Worktables and workbenches

A completely equipped workshop also requires worktables and workbenches. These are usually solid metal constructions with a sheet of multiplex beechwood as the working surface. This type of worktable generally has height-adjustable working surfaces and bottom storage shelves. The height adjustment of the working surfaces is usually accomplished by clamps, cranks, or an electronic switch. The feet of these worktables have adjustable leveling screws to ensure secure anchoring to the floor. Many worktables and workbenches have a metal foot construction and a solid underbody, which can sometimes be combined with underbody storage.

Workshop cabinets for structured storage

Hanging and standing cabinets can be used for secure and orderly storage of workshop tools and accessories. These may consist of spacious, lockable storage boxes or drawers. The compartments are arranged so as to accommodate workshop tools or store consumable materials. There are also units available which combine industrial cabinets with workshop walls, either wooden or with perforated sheet metal. These allow for tools and machines to be stored in plain sight and at arm's length. The design of the drawers and compartments includes special fixtures for securely attaching tools like drills and cutters. Thermoformed inserts made of thermoplastic and foam inserts are common. They offer custom-sized recesses for wood workshop tools and many others.

Workshop wagons – mobility in the workshop

Workshop wagons with varying load capacities are another common element of workshop equipment. These rolling containers store tools and working materials either on adjustable shelves or in a variable number of drawers. The compartments and drawers can usually be secured with one central locking system. Many workshop wagons come with an integrated working surface made of wood or metal, as well as a complete set of tools.

Other workshop equipment

For certain workshop types, there are standing and writing desks, separate packing stations, and rolling table systems, which facilitate the conveyance of workpieces and finished products without a great energy expenditure. It is also common to find workbenches or tables with integrated weighing cells, which make order picking easier.

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How workshop equipment is used

Workshop furniture is used wherever secure and orderly storage of workshop accessories is required. In particular, workshops for handicrafts like joinery, carpentry, locksmithery, and plumbing all need workshop equipment. The ateliers of jewellers, watch makers, and tailors have inventories suited to their needs. Workshop equipment is essential in automotive workshops, locksmith workshops, and other types of repair shops.

Buy used workshop equipment

Company founders in particular often prefer to buy used workshop equipment in order to save money. When doing so, you should ensure that the equipment acquired is best suited to the needs of the given industry and that it satisfies current safety standards. Buying used workshop equipment also requires all inventory to be carefully tested before it is put to use.

Buying used accessories, workshop tools and equipment is generally not a problem. It is however important that each piece is implemented only for its intended purpose. Used workshop equipment often looks very worn out on the outside, but this doesn't necessarily reduce its functional capacity. Therefore outer wear and tear shouldn't be a reason not to buy such articles. The wide range of industrial furniture and workshop equipment for sale on mainly comes from facility closures or is offered in the form of bankruptcy sales. That means you have the chance to buy used workshop equipment and workshop accessories online at affordable prices.

Overview of workshop equipment manufacturers

A few manufacturers have made a name for themselves in the field. Particularly well established brands include SILVERSTONE, STANLAY, HOFMANN, DIEBOLD, GARANT, C+P, LISTA, and HSK. KIND and SCHÄFER are also worth mentioning. Some of these companies offer complete sets, offering the basic tools, accessories, and furniture needed for most workshops. On Surplex, you can regularly find used workshop equipment and workshop tools for sale from these and other manufacturers. The items on sale here are in good to very good condition and can completely satisfy your needs even if they are second-hand. If you check back regularly, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in a workshop equipment auction, or in one of our many other industrial auctions.