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  1. What are "machine tools"?
  2. Requirements for machine tools
  3. Types of machine tools
  4. Working on machine tools
  5. Providers of machine tools
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What are "machine tools"?

"Tools" in an industrial context have less to do with the more commonly known hand tools such as the hammer, saw or trowel. They are the parts of machines that ensure that the intermediate and end products are well preserved during mass production. The types of production can differ greatly: intermediate and end products can be cast, stamped, reformed or sprayed. Machining techniques are not undertaken by special tools, but are set into milling machines.

  • Tools are designed for thousands of steps in the production line
  • They have to work with high-quality and precision
  • They are in general not serial products
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A specific tool is necessary for every step of the product. The production of tools, made for all parts of the production line, are very similar: a negative contour is created in two halves of a block of high-strength and temperature resistant, high-quality steel. Then the raw material or intermediate product will be poured, pressed or sprayed into the block. After the two block halves are then pulled apart, the final product can be obtained.

Requirements for machine tools

Tools are designed for thousands, and up to ten thousand, steps in the production line. The term "strokes" is used in regards to stamping and pressing, and "shots" is used for pouring and spraying machines. The production quality of tools creates a situation that allows for small compromises. However, all small mistakes made during the production of tools, are then inevitably transferred onto the final products, of which they are used to make.

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Many recalls from the producers of cars have led back to inadequate production of tools. Therefore, machine tools have to work with a high-quality and precision that exceeds that of the end product. Modern laser machining centres are now able to achieve quality to the level of a millionth of a millimetre.

Types of machine tools

One can decide between four groups of machine tools. Remodelling and separating machine tools such as guillotine shears, bending equipment or presses create tools with precision. Most of the machines are used in metal cutting, including the classic CNC milling machines, through which the HSC milling machines were established. Lifting machines also play a specifically big role, including the water jet cutter and the eroding machine. Until recently the focus was mainly around the compliance of dimensional tolerance; this would only be surpassed by the lifting and constructing machine tools, such as the laser processing machine.

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Working on machine tools

Machine tools are in general not serial products. The only exceptions are milling heads, drills and saws for machine processing. These are manufactured on vending machines and can be operated by trained assistants. However, they need to be well trained in quality assurance. The particular need to inspect milling tools that are mass produced is particularly high. Trained tool mechanics are required during the use of CNC automatic milling machines or eroding machines.

Providers of machine tools

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