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  1. Measuring machines for effective quality control
  2. History, development and background of measuring machines
  3. Testing machines for effective quality control
  4. Areas of application and examples for the use of measuring machines
  5. Manufacturers of high-end measuring machines
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Measuring machines for effective quality control

A high-end measuring machine is mainly used for quality control in fully air-conditioned rooms. In ideal measurement conditions, trained staff can use this machine to determine the temperature and humidity levels. A measuring machine is used to determine coordinates of a defined reference point. This machine can work fully automatically and measure the workpiece depending on the desired criteria. The measured data is then input into corresponding software and displayed on a screen or is printed out. The composition of measuring machines is similar to that of a machine tool. The workpiece is placed on a stable, very large, temperature-resistant measuring table.
  • Determining the coordinates of a defined reference point
  • Large spectrum of where they can be applied
  • Quality control of finished workpieces
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This is often made out of high-end, ground granite. Mobile axes are used for the measuring process, which contain the measuring head. These are structurally optimal and rigid, and are slightly more graceful than the massive table. Different types of logging data are available. The mechanical forms are operated by a measuring probe guide in a spherical form made out hardened steel or precious stones that register every movement. The recorded measurements are then analysed using corresponding software and thereby establish the coordinates, which lead to further calculations of length, shape and radius. Staff who work in the quality control section of measuring machines should generally have fundamental knowledge about the problems that could occur during measuring.

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History, development and background of measuring machines

Measuring machines have been implemented in tool building and in cutting processes since time immorial, from handheld to modern robotics. In modern devices, measuring slides move over precise scales in the x, y and z axis. This is how one establishes the coordinates for the length, shape and radius to determine a fixed reference point. A microscope tool is used for positioning and recording. Various retractable templates allow for the angles and radius of a workpiece to be monitored. Length measurements are then determined from the previously measured coordinates. The measuring machine is essential in most areas of production. Decisive criteria for the use of a measuring machine is that they save time and they have less margin of error than conventional measuring technology.

Working with Testing Machines

Working with testing machines requires expertise, interest and quality awareness. Checking for visual damage and dimensional accuracy can be taken by trained personnel. It is particularly important to seek trained expertise before undertaking X-ray examinations, since this form of material testing can be potentially dangerous. The most common type of testing machines is the universal testing machine. Universal testing machines (UTM) – sometimes known as a universal materials testing machine or universal tester – is used to test the durability and compressive strength of materials. Various testing machines can evaluate a range of properties, from loading tension and tensile stress, to compression and bending. The beauty of the universal testing machine is that it can be used to test materials, components, and structures.

Areas of application and examples for the use of measuring machines

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Coordination measuring machines are used for the measuring of covers, gear teeth, moulded parts and optical lenses. There is a large spectrum of uses, and special measuring machines are available to measure gear teeth, concentricity etc. For the installation of cutting edges into their supports, the CNC-machines can be used as coordination measuring machines. Using the eroding machines saves set-up and changeover times.

Manufacturers of high-end measuring machines

Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of measuring machines. Some of the most recommended suppliers include THOME PRÄZISION, MITUTOYO, MORA KOORDINATEN-MESSTECHNIK, WENZEL, STIEFELMAYER and ZEISS.

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