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The acquisition of a high quality used machine can turn out as a very lucrative deal for those companies interested in expanding their machinery - on reasonable terms and regardless of the particular industry field involved. Surplex is certainly specialized in used metal and woodworking machinery. However, we offer machines, vehicles and devices from other industrial fields, such as the building, electronics or plastics processing industries. One look at our auction calender has its advantages because there may be different surprises waiting for you. In this way, we regularly auction different machines, such as used construction vehicles, injection moulding machines, printed circuit boards - and many others!

Table of contents

  1. Better used than new yet bad
  2. Focus on wood and metal
  3. The bigger picture
  4. A close eye on quality
  5. For start-ups and rapid replacement

Better used than new yet bad

The market in used equipment and machinery is ever-growing. Every year, thousands of industrial machines and other pieces of equipment change hands for a new life in crafts and manufacturing. For many machines, the following expression is highly apt: “better used than new yet bad”. Second-hand machinery from renowned manufacturers is still capable of performing a whole range of processing tasks, even if the build years stretch relatively far into the past.

Customer expectations when it comes to services and advice are very high in the field of used machinery, which is why second-hand machinery merchants often focus on one particular sector. The many years of experience manufacturers have in their various machine types, including their strong and weak points, ensures customer satisfaction.

Focus on wood and metal

At Surplex you mostly find used machines from the metal- and woodworking sectors. The following types of machine can be found for metalworking:

Optimum Optiturn I 44 CNC Lathe
  • Metal-grinding machines, such as mills and lathes, as well as matching accessories.
  • Forming machines such as rolling machines and bending machines, e.g. press brakes
  • Cutting machines for sheet metal processing, such as laser-cutting devices
  • Complete production plants for individual production series

Woodworking machines are also represented in large numbers:

HEBROCK F2 Edge banding machine
  • Chip-removing surfacing and thicknessing planers
  • Sawing machines, such as sliding table saws, band saws and panel saws
  • Machines for processing wooden surfaces and profiles, such as sanding, polishing and painting machines or edge banding machines
  • Clamping technology
  • Gluing technology
  • Complete CNC wood processing centres to perform several processing tasks

Further equipment is generally required to facilitate the production process and provide reliability, irrespective of whether the company is working with wood or metal. Surplex.com always has a ready supply of various devices to serve this purpose, including a range of machines for inter-company transport, such as pallet jacks and forklifts, as well as cranes of various constructions, e.g. swing- and bridge cranes. Equipment for storage, workshops, offices and laboratories also feature.

The bigger picture

There are also many other industries where the demand for used machinery has been continually increasing over recent years. Surplex also offers a range of high-quality machines for a wider selection of applications, but to a smaller extent. Such industries include the plastics and pressure casting sector, construction industry, and agricultural sector. The following machines, for example, can be sourced from companies in good condition and at attractive prices:

  • Construction machinery: Excavators, wheel loaders, tampers, pneumatic drills, concrete compressors
  • Agricultural vehicles: Tractors, farm loaders, combine harvesters
  • Plastics industry: Injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines
  • Screw-manufacturing machines: Screw presses, carving machines
  • Electronics industry: Machines for producing and assembling circuit boards

A close eye on quality

In addition to heavy-duty machines for the manufacturing and machining all types of products, testing machines are becoming ever more important in the modern world. These precision devices serve to determine tolerances down to the closest ranges that are technically feasible. When new, testing devices are some of the most expensive investments made by a manufacturing operation, but with a little research, it is possible to find a second-hand device to vastly improve quality with minimal outlay. The range of devices available include:

  • Universal tensile testing machine
  • Spectrometers
  • Notched impact hammers
  • Hardness testing machines
  • Ultrasound devices
  • X-ray machines
  • Measuring equipment of all types

For start-ups and rapid replacement

Most prospective buyers of used machinery are operators looking for the highest precision at the lowest price. When it comes to expanding a company’s fleet of machinery, replacing faulty machines, or testing a new production series, the second-hand machinery market often has an affordable alternative available.

Furthermore, Surplex customers can enjoy a comprehensive range of services for second-hand buyers. In addition to the pictures available for many machines, on-site inspection is often a possibility – sometimes even during live operation – and staff are always on hand to provide advice on the auction and payment process, as well as help organise subsequent transportation to move the recently acquired machine to its new location.