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Portable Tools and Instruments

Small-scale industrial tools and instruments are primarily characterised by their small size, portability, and ease of usage. As most small tools offer flexible options for production and can fulfil a wide variety of tasks in a cost-effective manner, they are immensely popular and widely used within many industries. Small portable devices and accessories are equally useful within a mass manufacturing environment or a small artisanal business, and can even be used within the home as a
  • Welding, drilling, and grinding devices
  • Ideal for either professional or DIY work
  • Convenient and easy to transport
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DIY aid. Certain small tools are deceptive in their power and therefore should be operated manually by trained professionals. However, many are incredibly easy to use and require only minimal instruction and supervision whilst in use.

A number of small portable tools are highly specialist in nature, having been designed to fulfil certain niche requirements of the wider manufacturing process, but the majority are designed for general use and are able to carry out a wide variety of functions in diverse industries. Most of these small portable devices are battery powered - a quality that lends itself to easy transportation and which makes small scale tools particularly valuable to the construction industry. However, certain machines can also be attached to mains power, and some exclusively require a mains power supply.

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Applications of Small Tools within industry

Many tools and manufacturing accessories fall into this category. For instance, handheld drills, sanders, grinders, welders and planers are available as small portable models which can be conveniently transported between work sites. Hammers, spanners, screwdrivers and hand Saws also fall into this bracket, as do specialist metalworking plates and tables. Supplementary work aids, such as air conditioners, fan heaters and dehumidifiers, are also included, as although they generally do not complete a specific part of the manufacturing process, they are an essential addition to the workplace. Small portable tools are especially relied upon in the construction industry, as their portability and versatility make them an invaluable asset when moving rapidly between sites. Specialist work surfaces, such as welding tables, face angle plates and large-scale surface plates, are not always portable but still provide a versatile and effective solution for niche requirements.

Providers of Small Tools and Instruments

Well known producers of small tools and surfaces include brands such as REMKO, ATIKA, KARCHER GROTE MEIER, SMM SONDERMASCHINENBAU, SWITZERLAND KUHN and ENGEL AUSTRIA and, METABO, MAKITA, BOSCH, AEG, FEIN, TRUMPF and HILTI.

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